The Studio

About Us

Black Hand Gang is Indonesia’s original printmaking studio and contemporary creative hub based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
We are a publisher of artworks in collaboration with artists, galleries and a diverse range of clients.
Founded at a ridiculously challenging time during the start of the global pandemic, the head-wind of challenges was particularly strong, yet we weathered the storm and independently survived the first few years.


In fact, we more than survived, we succeeded in transforming the perception of the nation’s art communities and establishing print and paper as a thriving medium with interest from established artists, galleries, and art fair platforms. Our credentials surpass our relatively young years and we have already worked with Art Jakarta, Museum Macan, major galleries, and with many of Indonesia’s leading artists, creatives, and brands.

Black Hand Gang is Indonesia’s independent printmaking facility, creative leadership and community representation.
Printmaking is steeped in tradition, and we are purveyors of traditional techniques and artworks. Our reputation for collaborative projects and our passion for original ideas and innovation is driving the new movement in printmaking. We actively push the boundaries and conventions of ‘traditional printmaking’ with explorations and studies in sculpture, collage, digital, combinations of techniques, and more.

We’re open to discussing how to experiment and explore further ideas with clients, from developing the client’s understanding of print to designing advanced training and education opportunities, and collaborating on original works using print.

About Us

You won’t find us in dark alleyways mugging old ladies (unless they stole our paints)… 

Instead, we hijack the cream of Indonesia’s contemporary artists to join the best equipped printmaking facility in Indonesia.

Black Hand Gang is a creative club and our entry into a worldwide community of printmakers.

Opened in June 2020.

Our aim is to build creative communities and provide a platform to showcase Indonesian creativity to the rest of the world.

As a Publishing business, we attract both established and emerging Indonesian contemporary artists, along with guest Internationals, to collaborate in production of high quality limited edition prints which are then available to purchase through our online gallery.

For art collectors, it’s access to a treasure trove of the hottest contemporary art scenes from Indonesia.

Our unique studio space is an iconic architectural collage; combining the distinctive shaped roof of a wooden teak ‘Jogglo’ perched high up on top of six reclaimed shipping containers.  Our ‘Temple of Print’ is on the Southside of Ubud village, Bali’s cultural center, amidst the jungles and volcanoes of the island.

The studio’s collage of old and new, handcraft and industrial, it’s a nice metaphor of our work.

Our production is a blend of artistry and technical skill,  a world away from “industrial photocopying” of modern print.  Each of our edition prints are hand pulled by Devy, our studio head, who is the printmaking equivalent of Mr. Miyagi.  Enough said.

All editions are signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authentication by BHG.

For those that want to get their own hands dirty, our programme of workshops and courses has everyone covered (in paint).

We invite art collectors, artists, and craftspeople to join our gang.

Peace and print \\ Black Hand Gang June 2020

Studio Profile

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Publisher of handcrafted, high-quality signed and numbered Limited Editions prints.

Online gallery store with international shipping.

The roster of the hottest established and emerging Indonesian artists and International guests.

Studio Facilities

Print Presses – intaglio and relief style press

Screen print facilities
UV exposure machine
Inking station

Drying rack
Paper storage
Outdoor & indoor cleaning station.
Oil and water-based inks, where possible non-toxic Workshop space for courses and residencies


Our space also features:

Exhibition space

Event space and garden

Cafe, bar, and beer

Amble parking

4km from Ubud center, 30km to the International Airport.