Artist Profile



Yessi Nur Mulianawati, also known as Yessiow, is a mural artist and illustrator from Bali, Indonesia. Her love of art began at a young age, and she has developed her skills and career as a mural artist since 2013. In 2014, Yessiow started her graphic design studies at Telkom University in Bandung, Indonesia, and graduated in 2018.
After graduation, Yessiow and her partner Stijn decided to live a nomadic lifestyle abroad and take advantage of opportunities to paint murals in countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Turkey, South Africa, Italy, and more. Yessiow’s work is heavily influenced by her love of natural objects and bright colors, which is evident in her vibrant and unique style. She loves to see her murals become a part of the daily lives of local communities and is always immersed in the activities of the people who pass by her art every day.