Artist Profile


Kamon Komatsu

Kamon Komatsu born in Tokyo. Graduated from Wakou University Department of Art. 

His love for trees and Bali reflected vividly on his artworks. He lived in Hino city of Tokyo, one day he had a very bad accident that required serious surgery on his shoulder; arm and nerves. The doctor told him that the operation on his spinal cord would be dangerous but otherwise, he would need to give up using one of his arms. He practiced drawing with one arm every day. One day he saw an old Zelkova tree in which the branches were cut of every year to protect electric lines. But new shoots always returned. This old Zelkova tree seemed to have a message for him. He was inspired by the message from the tree and want to pass it on to generation. Since the accident, he feels their energy when he is around old trees and he had wanted to draw them. His heart quivers when he nears them.

In 1990 Kamon began to come to Bali as a tourist, after going back to Bali several times, he was fascinated by the overwhelming energy to draw them.