Artist Profile

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Andy Dewantoro

Andy Dewantoro is an artist based in Indonesia. While his earlier works tended towards abstraction, during his residency in Europe, Dewantoro was strongly influenced by romantic landscapes by 19th-century visionaries such as William Turner and John Constable, inspiring him to develop his cinematic landscape-like paintings. His choice of using monochromatic palettes consisting mostly of black, purple, white, and grey gave his paintings a mysterious quality. Abandoned houses, churches, and bridges viewed at a distance appear like fading memories through the misty filter he creates. However, Dewantoro has since expanded his color palette to include brighter, earthier tones, but maintains his focus on the landscape. Driven by endless thoughts, sentiments, and memories, the mixture of urban elements and the natural environment with the removal of human presence evokes drama.

Andy Dewantoro graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 2000 with a degree in Interior Design. His works have been exhibited throughout Indonesia and worldwide, including in Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, England, the Netherlands, and Romania. Recently, his works were featured on the group exhibition Konstelasi Benda-Benda at Semarang Gallery, Indonesia. Some of his previous solo exhibitions include We Wanted To Be The Sky at D Gallerie, Jakarta (2012); Half Full Half Empty at Valentine Willie Fine Art, Malaysia (2011); Empty-space-landscapes at Galeri Semarang, Indonesia (2010); and Silent World at Ark Galerie, Jakarta (2008). In 2019, he received his first major recognition as the 2019 Sovereign Asian Art Awards’ finalist.