Agus Suwage

As a professional artist, Agus Suwage has begun to attract theattention of both Indonesian and international art audienceswith his works that incorporate the style and

Andre Yoga

Painter and illustrator, Andre Yoga takes observations from his everyday life -both the mundane or extraordinary – and translates them into his paintings: modern day


Arahmaiani is an Indonesian artist born in Bandung and based in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Arahmaiani is considered by many to be one of the


Purna Sukma Hidayat, or commonly known as Cutnotslices, born and grows in Salatiga. Now lives in Magelang after 8 years studying and working in Yogyakarta.


Kevin Varian Matthew A.K.A. Cuts is a Jakarta-based graphic designer and illustrator. His interest in art began at a very young age, and like many


Degeha is a Balinese artist originally from Gianyar regency. An manga, anime, and game lover. His works are inspired by traditional Balinese & Japanese illustration

Desi Dwi Lestari

She is one of the talented rare young female printmakers in Indonesia. Born in a small city on the south coast of Java, Sendang Biru,

Dewa Made Johana

As a young Balinese artist, Dewa Made Johana is quite a catch, whom one of the few in Bali, convey his creations through printmaking. Begin

Duē Hatuē

A traditional exclusive studio is hidden in the heart of Canggu. Some may say “the over touristic and crowded Canggu but once you walk through

Eddie Hara

Born in Salatiga, currently lives and works in Basel Switzerland. Eddie Hara is an Indonesian contemporary art Punk Uncle. Into hard rock, street art and

Farhan Siki

Farhan Siki is self-taught artist and  recognized as a street artist and an activist who works intensively on issues facing the urban community. In his

Fuad Machmud

Fuad began his creative career with the interests and ability to create using handworks, such as crafting furniture, sunglasses frames, and apparel. After experimenting with

Ida Bagus Putu Purwa

Ida Bagus Putu Purwa (or often called Gus Purwa) is a contemporary Balinese artist who portrayed his works using human figure to express his feeling,

Kamon Komatsu

Kamon Komatsu born in Tokyo. Graduated from Wakou University Department of Art.  His love for trees and Bali reflected vividly on his artworks. He lived

Kanoko Takaya

Kanoko Takaya is a born and raised artist from Kyoto, Japan. She has first introduced to Indonesia’ s vast variety of cultures through her mother,


Kemalezedine was born in Yogyakarta in 1978. Now live in Bali. In 1997-2004 he studied at FSRD ITB. Kemalezedine held his first solo exhibition in

Kuncir SV

Kuncir SV was born in a regular Balinese family and grew up with many forms of art. One thing he noticed the most was the


Mohammad Erwinsyah Putra a.k.a PYNO is a graphic designer, illustrator, and graffiti artist from Surabaya, Indonesia. Pyno also a founder of Spray Mystery Graffiti Store

Shiddiq Machmud a.k.a Soddog

With his fine tattoo skills that focus on technique and attention to detail, Shiddiq Machmud a.k.a. Soddog has established himself as one refined artist with

Sir Dandy

Sir Dandy is a visual artist and also the frontman of Indonesian alternative-indie band Teenage Death Star, now going solo with his own name bring