Eddie Hara’s Limited Print Edition Printed by Black Hand Gang

Destroy Bad Art & Joyful Rites

Living up to the title of ‘The Punk Uncle’ of Indonesian contemporary art, Eddie Hara has brilliantly succeeded in taking his anti-establishment & subculture inspired works into front and center of the art world. His unique style of comic-like, art brut influences, with social and environmental messages has caught the eye of many a collector and fan. Also his signature creation – an injured octopus – is an often repeated character in his works to symbolize the environmental issues faced in Indonesia’s polluted and overexploited seas.

Eddie Hara is a leading Indonesian contemporary artist that enjoys both domestic and international success with a long list of exhibitions at prestigious art events; Art Jakarta, Art Basel Hongkong, Art Paris, Art Philippines, and Art Stage Singapore.

In collaboration with Black Hand Gang (B.H.G.) Printmaking Studio, Eddie Hara presents two print works. The first print is a combination of a pink monochrome illustration titled ‘Destroy Bad Art’, while the second popped-colour print titled ‘Joyful Rites of Spring’.

Eddie Hara is a supporter of our B.H.G. studio initiative and enjoyed the process of working together. “My limited edition print with screen printing technique by B.H.G. Studio is an effort to meet the needs of my original works at a price that is still quite affordable for many people.”

Eddie also added that the pieces successfully captured his style and distinctive use of colours very well which demonstrates B.H.G. deep knowledge and craft with screen printing.