Artist Profile


Shiddiq Machmud

With his fine tattoo skills that focus on technique and attention to detail, Shiddiq Machmud a.k.a. Soddog has established himself as one refined artist with persistence and a strong work ethic. After many years of pursuing his path in the industry, he has successfully built DUĒ HATUĒ, one of the most influential tattoo studios in Bali, Indonesia.

Soddog’s interests in illustration started at such a young age, then in 2012, he started to expose his designs for his own brand. He was a resident artist at several tattoo studios, such as Babayaga Bali in 2016, before founded his own in 2017.

Inspired by surrealism and Indonesian culture, Soddog characterizes his flair by merging influences with his broad research on diverse art styles. He directs his illustrations surrounding American Traditional to Russian Jail tattoo, and his most recent exploration is of his own origin, the Borneo art patterns. Soddog usually demonstrates his adoration for surrealism by integrating face figures with non-human bodies or fuse faces into one. He is skillful on his dot-works, and with precision, he is able to deliver exquisite detailed pieces.

Soddog’s performance has brought him to become one of Indonesia’s representatives at Island Tattoo Connection. And as a result of his hard work, his proudest achievement is to develop DUĒ HATUĒ from the ground up, – a studio that depicts originality and authenticity, with intelligence and strong heritage. His ambition is to keep expanding DUĒ HATUĒ as a medium to preserve Indonesian culture through innovation.