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Duē Hatuē

A traditional exclusive studio is hidden in the heart of Canggu. Some may say “the over touristic and crowded Canggu but once you walk through to their wooden doors a warm, relaxed, personal and professional atmosphere will welcome you. Due Hatue was born in 2017 and raised inside an Traditional Javanese wooden house called “Joglo”, build in 1946. Tradition and Culture plays a big role in their overall vision. The Name Due Hatue means: “two men” in the original language “Bahasa Dayak” of the Dayak Tribe in Kalimantan, Indonesia. The founders Sidig and Fuad Machmud grew up and started their creative journey to become the talented and inspiring twin brothers they are now. With 6 unique tattoo artists Due Hatue covers all styles from Fineline to American Traditional.


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