Artist Profile


Dewa Made Johana

As a young Balinese artist, Dewa Made Johana is quite a catch, whom one of the few in Bali, convey his creations through printmaking. Begin his exploring on printmaking during his study at Undiksha (Ganesha University of Education), Jo’s (as many know him by) early works are constructs of linocut and carborundum print techniques. Later develop into the combination of relief and intaglio process, with the use of old archive photos to fuse into print works.

Having Bali as his homeland, that rich in culture and tradition, Jo’s works indirectly influenced and inspired by them, especially the Balinese painting tradition. He takes the perspective of Balinese painting where all areas in the pictures are completely filled. His works usually depict the daily life in Bali, such as Balinese girls or dancers, Balinese Kings, and Balinese tradition. While his current work involves photo foxing that is able to preserve moldy photos. Since every documentation (especially photos) that is made, will change over time, by doing it, the moment of the photo still can be told even though the media is full of mold. In the last 4 years, Jo has been actively involved in numerous group exhibitions, in galleries and art spaces, mostly in Bali, as well as in Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya.