Artist Profile



Purna Sukma Hidayat, or commonly known as Cutnotslices, born and grows in Salatiga. Now lives in Magelang after 8 years studying and working in Yogyakarta. As a self-taught artist, Cutnotslices studied Communication Studies at UPN Veteran Yogyakarta. His interests in the art world began with contemporary photography in 2012 until finally decided to enter the realm of street art in 2014.

Cutnotslices continues to cultivate and found a suitable style for him to pursue. From photography, design, wheat paste, stickers, paper cutting, collage, and stencils. Until Cutnotslices was formed from my merging and exploration with the current style and impression.

He tries to freeze feelings, whether from himself, friends, other people, or see the current situation to his works and share it with the public through art. For him who has a short term memory loss, it is very sad when things that are beautiful to him just disappear. 

Cutnotslices solo exhibition is “Forward” which was held at Allcaps Gallery in 2019. He also a member of the international collective Microgalleries since 2017, which annually has exhibition programs and virtual collaborations.