Arahmaiani and Her ‘Arab Gundul’ Letters Inspired Prints

Rainbow Spirit’ Print Edition

Acknowledged as one of the most respected and iconic female Indonesian contemporary artists, especially with her performance art. Arahmaiani uses art as a critical creative voice on social, religious, and cultural matters.

Arahmaiani Feisal has held many major exhibitions around the world, with her works in collections of several museums and art institutions globally.  Now, her latest collaboration with B.H.G. is the production of limited edition prints of three works from her paintings.

“I want to show the practice of using Arabic letters in the Islamic culture in Nusantara. The thought about Islamic identity in Nusantara which is pluralist and harmonious or in official expression following the principle of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” Arahmaiani explained. Through these works, she wants to express the principle where the same basic values in different beliefs or cultures are understood and differences are seen as the treasure nature of Nusantara culture.

In addition, Arahmaiani also enjoyed working with B.H.G. where she sees the possibilities of the print medium to open up a wider appreciation of the world of visual art.

“I like the importance of the concept and the idea of the work being disseminated to the public. It can be a ‘new breakthrough’ in the world of visual art in this country. Which will reduce the exclusivity of the art world because it can be made several pieces with affordable prices.”